This Broad Ripple Coffee Shop is a Super Site!

...But we always new that!  Monon Coffee Company is ready for the the excitement that hosting the Super Bowl will bring to our City.  We've got some delicious new drinks including the "White Zombie", the "Buttery Zombie", and Salted Caramel Latte as well as our full range of drip coffees, also sold whole bean and ground if you'd like.  Stop by and enjoy an expertly made espresso beverage or full line of drip coffees and non coffee drinks while your enjoying the mild winter strolling around the Village or walking on the trail!  And the baked goods are freshly baked at our neighbors, Rene's Bakery!

We're extending our hours from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 2, 3, and 4.  Giving you more time to enjoy Indianapolis Award Winning Coffee.   So Stop by while you're attending the Super Fest in Broadripple.  Remember Broad Ripple Avenue and Westfield Blvd will be open for business.  Only Guildford Avenue will be closed between Broad Ripple Avenue and Westfield Blvd.  We have free parking located directly behind our building.  This parking is accessed by going through the large parking lot east of the "Bungalow" and continuing around the building!

Don't want to go all the way downtown this week for a meeting?  Come by the downtown location of Monon Coffee Company, located at the southwest corner of 25th and Central in Fall Creek Place.  We're open from 6:30 am until noon daily with plenty of seating for your group!  Same delicious coffee with a great location convenient to downtown.

Downtown Location

Located at 2442 Central Avenue 46205

Broadripple Location

Located at 920 East Westfield Blvd 46220

Hope to see you Soon!
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year toDowntown Location all.  We hope that we will see you daily this year for some of Indianapolis Best Coffee.  Monon Coffee now has two locations to serve you.  The original Broadripple Shop just a few steps from the Monon Trail, and the new location in Fall Creek Place at the southwest corner of 25th Street and Central Avenue.  Monon Coffee will celebrate it's 14th anniversary this year in March, and we hope you'll be a part of our continued success in 2011.  Thank you Java Junkies for making Monon Coffee the place for your daily fix
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Leslie Dolan's latest work at Monon Coffee Company Downtown

Our own Leslie Dolan has diplayed this diptyche at Monon's new Downtown location located at 2442 Central Avenue, the southwest corner of 25th and Central in Fall Creek Place.  Stop by and have a cup of Indianapolis Best Coffee and enjoy the Art.  Also featured are three works by our own Kaiton Slusher.  Both Baristas can be found at the Broadripple location throughout the week creating some of Indiananapolis most delicious espresso drinks and serving up Indianapolis Award Winning Coffee.  Stop by one of our locations soon and see the art and drink it to!
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Monon Coffee's new Downtown Location

Monon Coffee's new Downtown LocationMonon Coffee Company is excited to announce the opening of it's 2nd location at the Southwest corner of Central and 25th Street.  The Fall Creek Place location has the following start up hours:

Monday thru Friday  

           6:30 - Noon


           8:00 a.m. - Noon

Stop by the shop on your way downtown to work for some of Indy's Best Coffee.  While not right on the trail like our Monon Trail Cafe in Broadripple, it's just a few blocks West!
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Yet another new member of the Monon Coffee Family!

Jacob is here, congrats to Lisa & Kyle.  We've watched Sammy grow at Monon Coffee and now we get to enjoy Jacob.  A card carrying member of the future coffee drinker's club, this little guy will be getting under foot, egged on by brother Sammy.  Look for this little guy at Indianapolis best coffee shop!
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Monon Coffee's newest family members

Xavier has finally arrived.  The newest member of the Monon Coffee family.  Congratulations to Tatjana and Louis!  You'll see this little guy growing up around the shop and some day, who know's, he just might be serving you your favorite beverage or some of Indianapolis best coffee!
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Weather Willy Thursday Derby Edition! Plus, Blumonade is Back!

Welcome back to your famous Monon Coffee weather report from the best Indianapolis coffee shop in the ... Indianapolis! Willy has a great Derby weekend prediction for you: 70s! You're gonna need a butterscotch loco mocha freeze to stay hydrated in that newfound heat. Or our Blumonade, which is back! It's truly sprummer!
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Weather Willy rain prediction

It's a Weather Willy weekend! Showers will make temps drop -- but how far? Only the best weatherman in Indy knows. His shop also happens to serve up some Indianapolis award winning coffee, so swing by this weekend when you're lookin for a Monon trail coffee shop! 
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Weather Willy Wednesday

So this is a day late in posting, because we really wanted to get the gritty "noir" feel. We really wanted to do like an artsy interpretation -- okay, you got me, for some reason it came out all pixelated. But the weather's not, it's beautiful! Just ask Weather Willy. Don't forget to come get Indianapolis best coffee here at the Monon. We have lots of slushy spring drinks for you to savor. 
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Blending with Sarah Part II

The thrilling conclusion of Sarah's coconut white chocolate mocha freeze. One of the most refreshing drinks you'll have at a Monon Trail cafe.
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That Sarah shore is purty makin that drink ...

...But we think her center of balance is off. She's gonna kill me for leaving this in, but it was too good not to! Come see Sarah on Mondays at the Monon Coffee shop.
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Weather Willy Thursday

Watch Willy shake it, and get some weather in the meantime. And don't forget to try our new butterscotch loco mocha freeze, made with real butterscotch chips, at your favorite Monon Trail Cafe.
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Weather Willy Saturday!

Get on out here before it rains, says Willy! And try some of our new coconut-based drinks, hot or cold. Your favorite Broad Ripple Cafe misses you!
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Ellen loves the Monon Coffee Shop!

Who needs a big-time ad agency to arrange t.v. spots when we have cute, perky customers who go to bat for us? Thanks, Ellen! Customers like you make us the best Indiana coffee shop.
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Weather Willy Tuesday, spring edition

So it's not quite spring yet, but tell that to the 50 degree weather. Willy has the low-down on how long it'll last, when you can expect to see showers, and when you can use your credit card again at your favorite Monon Trail Cafe. New cold coffee drinks are here -- come in soon!
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Oh the weather outside is frightful ... but not for long!

Your favorite Indianapolis coffee shop weather maven says it's going to be sunny in the upper 30s this weekend! What a wonderful time to catch up with your coffee shop regulars! 
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Introducing Weather Willy ... Kaiton?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Willy should be flattered. Kaiton has aspirations to do his own weather report with his own flava. Check it out. He tells you when spring will actually start, and threatens you with an icicle indirectly.
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Weather Willy Wednesday -- Super Winter Edition

Are you ready for winter to be over? To be able to drive on solid ground again? And actually feel your toes when you get into the car? (Those icicles are pretty cool, though.)

Before you trudge out of the sludge for good this 2010, you must first consult the weather oracle at your favorite Indianapolis award winning coffee shop. The Liberache of Lattes. The Tom Cruise of Chai Tea. Weather. Willy. He's got some surprises for you in the edition. Watch and marvel.  
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Weather Willy Friday

The weather outside is "warm," if you consider that synonymous with "sunny." Either way, it's a great time to come visit your favorite Broad Ripple coffee shop -- our white chocolate strawberry mocha -- or any of our Indianapolis award-winning coffee drinks -- are perfect for your Valentine's sweet, or just to treat yourself.
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Weather Willy Thursday: Super Bowl Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Weather Willy Thursday, Super Bowl Edition, from Willy's network post at your favorite Indianapolis coffee shop. Find out what days will be sunny and which will be cloudy leading up to The Big Game. And don't forget, we'll be closing at 4 p.m. on Sunday so that our worker bees can attend Super Bowl parties -- like yours!  
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